The sacred Plane tree


Keramota plane tree
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At the picturesque village Keramota in province Mylopotamos we meet one of the several monumental trees of Crete. This is the perennial plane tree at the eastern end of the village. The tree in Keramota belongs to the species of Platanus orientalis and its age is estimated at about 2000 years. It is the oldest tree in province Mylopotamos and although it is located on the main road, almost everyone ignores its existence as it is located a few meters further down the road, thus the drivers see the upper part of it.

The tree forms a fairly spacious cavity inside the trunk. A local man turned this cavity into the first temple in Crete inside a tree trunk. He turned the hollow tree to the temple of Panagia (Virgin Mary) and Saint Anne. The floor was paved and icons were places, while the trail to the trunk was constructed.

In the shadow of the plane tree on the road there is a tavern that remains open all the time. In front of the platan tree and across the street there is a great spring of water coming from the depth of a very beautiful and special cave.

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