Sfakia beaches



Leska beach
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Some meters west of Koutelos beach, there is the secluded beach of Leska. Its name means “Steep Place” or “trap” in Cretan dialect and is taken after the steep cliffs around the beach. It is a pebbly beach with sand in some places, while on the west there is a very small cove with stony seabed. It can be accessed mainly on boat, as walking along the coast from Koutelos beach is risky due to the collapsing grounds and the high cliffs.


Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture, West Crete, South Crete, Sfakia area
  • Sea water color: Deep blue
  • Sand type: Pebbles, Rocks in places
  • Depth: Normal
  • Sea surface: Usually calm
  • Crowds: Quiet
  • Other Information: Ideal for snorkeling / spearfishing
  • Accessibility: Walking

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