Church of Saint Onoufrios at


Church of Saint Onoufrios at Komitades
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On June 12th, Greek Orthodox church commemorates Agios Onoufrios (Saint Onuphrius). Saint Onuprius spent all his life as a hermit in a small cave. Therefore he never wore clothes and his nudity was covered by his long beard. Hence, in Crete almost all temples dedicated to Saint Onuphrius were small caves.

One of these is the cavernous church shortly after village Komitades at province Sfakia. It is located very close to the road and south of the village in a remote place with many caves. The small church is at the starting point of a small ravine that ends at a steep beach. The colors on the walls are white with some touches of blue in some places reminding of a Cycladic island. The interior hosts many icons of the Saint. The seemingly poor and rocky area around is a very important habitat for the endemic plant of Crete Verbascum spinosum which blooms this season and has lovely yellow flowers

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Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture
  • Type: Church

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