Religious Monuments of Province


The province of Pediada hosts one of the most important religious parks in Crete, with numerous painted temples and deserted monasteries scattered all around. Prominent in number and aesthetic value of monuments is the area around today's Episkopi, which was the seat of the Diocese as its name reveals.

Panagia Evangelistria church at Avdou

Panagia Evangelistria church is located in the courtyard of the school of Avdou and is the oldest temple in the area, dating since the 12th-13th century. It's a small domed cruciform temple with exceptional frescoes and relief decor.


Prophet Obadiah (Avdiou) church at Avdou

The village Avdou gets its name from the prophet Obadiah. At position Lines locals restored a ruined temple that was believed to have belonged to the prophet Obadiah. The church celebrates on November 19.


Panagia Pantanassa church at Avdou

The church of Panagia Pantanassa (dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) is located in a wooded area west of the village Avdou and was built in 1600 at the expense of Nikolaos Ligizos. The church bears a beautiful embossed marble doorframe and backside frame.


Saint Constantine church at Avdou

The small church of St. Constantine and Helen is located west of the village Avdou, on the boundaries with the dam of Aposelemis. It is a single aisled vaulted church with its interior adorned with frescoes of the brothers Emmanuel and Ioannis Fokas, very important representatives of Constantinople art in Crete.


Saint George church at Avdou

This is the current cemetery church of Avdou. The temple dates back from the 14th - 15th century and it bears frescoes of the painters Emmanuel and Ioannis Fokas.


Saint Anthony Church at Avdou

Saint Anthony is located at the western end of Avdou and is a small single-nave vaulted church built in the 13th - 14th century. The church bears frescoes of Emmanuel and Ioannis Fokas. It is the only case in Crete of bicolored frescoes. The painters used only the reddish - brown and blue - lilac colors.


Church of Saint John at Episkopi (Pediada)

One of the many Byzantine churches at Episkopi, province Pediada, is that of Saint John the Baptist. The temple, dedicated to the Beheading of John the Baptist, bears exceptional frescoes dating back from the 14th century. On the floor there are two graves, while on the exterior wall it has an arcosolium (tomb monument) that probably belongs to the founder of the church.


Saint Anthony church at Episkopi

The church of Saint Anthony at Episkopi is located in a beautiful square with pine trees at the east part of the old village. It is a small single-nave vaulted church bearing parts of frescoes.


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