Religious Monuments of Province


The province of Pediada hosts one of the most important religious parks in Crete, with numerous painted temples and deserted monasteries scattered all around. Prominent in number and aesthetic value of monuments is the area around today's Episkopi, which was the seat of the Diocese as its name reveals.

Panagia Church at Kassani

The Church of the Annunciation (Panagia) at Kassani, Pediada, is a small, single-nave and vaulted temple. It's interior bears frescoes of the Palaeologean School of the 14th century.


Church of Panagia at Evangelismos

At the village Evengelismos, also known as Muhtari, we meet the Church of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary, after which the village takes its name (Evangelismos means Annunciation). An inscription from ancient Lyktos is embedded in the outer wall of the temple, while the interior bears a few but excellent frescoes of the 14th century.


Panagia church at Detis

South of Embaros rises the steep rocky hill of Detis and one can see from afar the white church of Panagia (celebrated on March 25 and August 23). This temple is quite new and was built here to meet the religious needs of the pilgrims who flock here for one of the largest pilgrimages in Crete.


Church of Saint George at Mathia

Near Mathia village we meet the small single vaulted temple of Saint George, bearing frescoes dating back from the 13th century of foremost importance.


Church of Saint Nicholas at Lyttos (Xidas)

The small church of Saint Nicholas is located between Lyttos and Kastamonitsa. It bears frescoes of a provincial painter dating back from the 14th century with vivid scenes from the Christological cycle. Frescoes that stand out are the Infanticide in southern wall, the sacrifice of Abraham, and Saint Zosimas.


Church of Saint Ambrose at Kalloni

The only one church dedicated to Saint Ambrose is located in Crete and specifically at Kalloni near Heraklion. It is the main church of the village and is double- aisled.


Church of Panagia Galatiani at Malia

The church of Panagia Galatiani or Galeniani is located in Malia and consists of three aisles, as a result of the successive addition of two aisles to the originally single-naved 14th-century temple that today forms the central aisle. The three aisles are dedicated to the Holy Ten Cretan Martyrs (Agii Deka), the Presentation of Mary (Panagia) and Saint Charalambos


Church of Agia Marina at Moulefe

The church of Agia Marina in the green area of Moulefe belongs to the administrative boundaries of Panagia village of Pediada province. This was formerly a strategic point, as the roads to the Sanctuary of Hermes and Aphrodite in Symi, the Ancient Erganos and the Diktaean Cave crossed here in the Minoan times.


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