Religious Monuments of Province


The province of Pediada hosts one of the most important religious parks in Crete, with numerous painted temples and deserted monasteries scattered all around. Prominent in number and aesthetic value of monuments is the area around today's Episkopi, which was the seat of the Diocese as its name reveals.

Monastery of Virgin Mary Theogennitor

The Monastery of Virgin Mary Theogennitor is located very close to Mohos and is built on a unique location with views of the coast of Stalis. The monastery, although new, has gained a great reputation mainly because of its founder father Apostolos. Apostolos was a former monk of the monastery of St. John in Anopolis and in 2009 he was evicted and founded this monastery.


Panagia Kera Limniotissa by Episkopi

A few meters west of Episkopi village, Pediada District, there is the imposing church of Kera Limniotissa dedicated to Virgin Mary, surrounded by dense vineyards and olive groves. The church was a part of the nunnery of Kera Limniotissa that was probably founded in early Venetian years and stopped its operation after the Turkish occupation of Crete.


Saint John church at Drakonero

Next to the village Galatas and very close to the Minoan Palace, at position Drakonero, we meet the two-aisled church of St. John. The church of the Byzantine Era bears frescoes in very poor condition, while inside there is an arcosolium (tomb monument) probably for the founder. Below the church there is a well with fresh water.


Saint George church at Toupaki

Saint George at the beautiful pine-wooded position Toupaki by Episkopi was the temple of a small monastery, which since 16th century was a dependency of the monastery Agarathos.


Saint Panteleimon church at Bitzariano

Agios Panteleimonas is a byzantine church that must be one of the oldest in Crete. It is about 3 Km away from Kasteli. On the outer walls of the church there are marble crosses and inscriptions that must belong to an older roman or byzantine building.


Saint George Sfakiotis church at Diavaide

Near Diavaide there is the church of St. George Sfakiotis, bearing frescoes of the 14th century (there is an inscription of 1390). One of the frescoes represents St. George and St. Demetrius on horseback crossing sea with octopuses, crabs, eels and lobsters below their legs.


Christ School at Episkopi

Between the villages Episkopi and Sgourokefali of Pediada province we meet a beautiful small park with pine trees, in the middle of which there is the old temple of the Lord Christ. The small single-nave church functioned as the temple of a small monastery that was a dependency of the Monastery at Agarathos.


Saint Panteleimon Church at Houdetsi

Just outside the village Houdetsi and very close to the archaeological site of Vathypetro we meet the cavernous church of St. Panteleimon (Pantaleon). It is built on a slope of an area called Thergia with amazing views to the valleys of the northern Heraklion and the sacred mountain of Youchtas.


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