The Religious monuments of Crete


The province of Amari at the foothills of Psiloritis Range and Mount Kentros was a great monastic center, with many countryside monasteries throughout its territory.

Church of Saint Marina at Kalogeros

The cemeterial temple of Kalogeros, Amari province, is dedicated to Agia Marina and bears frescoes of 1225.


Church of Saint Onuphrius at Genna

The cemeterial church of St. Onoufrios is located within walking distance from the village Genna. It bears frescoes of the 14th century in relatively good condition.


Church of Saint Nicholas at Elenes

The double-aisled church of St. Nicholas and St. Anne is located at the village Elenes. The aisled of Saint Nicholas bears frescoes dating back from the 13th century, although an inscription tells 1609. The aisle of St Anne bears new frescoes.


Church of Panagia at Thronos

The church of Panagia (Our Lady), located at the village Thronos at Amari province is a single-aisled vaulted church built around 1300. The temple was built on the ruins of an early Christian basilica of the 4th century, from which mosaics are preserved. The church bears frescoes of the 14th-15th century, while there is an inscription of 1491.


Church of Archangel Michael at Monastiraki

The church of the Archangel Michael is located in the center of the village Monastiraki (Amari province) and is a single-nave vaulted church of the 14th century. The south side is adorned with three arches and the entrance bears superimposed Gothic arches. The frescoes have not survived in good condition (only the representation of the Conception of Mary is still visible), while the bell bears an inscription with the date 1601.


Church of Saint Nicholas at Apostoli

The village Apostoli in the province of Amari hosts several churches, the most important of which is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. The temple is located at the cemetery of the village and is small signle-nave, dating back from the 14th century. The walls bear frescoes that have suffered severe damage.


Church of Panagia Eleousa at Potami

Near Potami dam, province Amari, and south of village Harkia, in a lush green position with plane trees we meet the abandoned convent of Panagia Eleousa, dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi (Life Giving Spring). We can reach this point through a sign on the main road surrounding the dam. The place hosts the small church dating back to the Venetian Era and bearing some traces of frescoes.


Church of Saint Spiridon at Spatharika

The deserted today settlement Spatharika is located east of the village Apostoli at Province Amari and its main church was Saint Spyridon. This church, unlike the buildings of the village that are now collapsed, survives and bears 15th century frescoes in fair condition.


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