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The province of Malevizi at the eastern foothills of Psiloritis Range still impresses with its religious monuments and the deserted countryside monasteries. The rugged mountainous terrain has formed a special cultural center.

Agia Pelagia monastery at Ahlada

The monastery of Agia Pelagia, a dependency of Sabbathiana monastery, is located on the side of the stream that ends at the beach of Agia Pelagia.


Saint John Farangitis monastery at Almiros

The Church of St. Anthony was the main church of the former monastery of St. John Farangitis (i.e. Canyoner) that flourished in the period 1350-1669, during the Venetian Era.


Panagia Kavallara monastery

The monastery of Panagia Kera Kavallaras operated as a dependency of Dionysiou Monastery at Athos in the 15th century and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The temple of the ruined monastery is well maintained, but has undergone many alterations. The location oversees the plains of Malevizi and Heraklion.


Saint Anthony monastery at Petali

The ruined monastery of St. Anthony at location Petali was one of the finest religious monuments that patiently awaits its restoration. Here we discern the destroyed two-aisled church that was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St. Anthony. The south wall, the only one still standing belongs to the nave of St. Anthony.


Panagia Kera church at Sarchos

By Sarchos we meet one of the most impressive churches of Cretan innerland with a beautiful relief entrance and rear window, which is dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary. The church dates back to the 14th century and is double-aisled, bearing very important frescoes.


Church of Agia Paraskevi at Pendamodi

In a secluded and lush green area north of village Pendamodi, a dirt road heads to the small single-aisled church of Agia Paraskevi. The surroundings of the temple are beautifully landscaped and here locals organize cultural events in summer.


Agia Marina church at Gazi

By the highway at position Gazi we find the church of Agia Marina, celebrated on July 17. The church of Agia Marina is doubled aisled with the second aisle dedicated to Saint Spiriodon. Saint Spyridon, which was the original church, was built in 1901 by the Andreas Kalokerinos. Kalokerinos after the departure of the Ottomans from Crete acquired a huge fortune in the most fertile part of the whole of Crete, the province Malevizi.


Panagia Kera Eleousa monastery, Kitharida

The highly impressive temple of St. Fanourios at Kitharida, currently used as a cemetery, was the temple of an important male monastery of Panagia Eleousa (Our Lady the Merciful). The monastery was a dependency of the Monastery of Saint Irene.


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