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The province of Malevizi at the eastern foothills of Psiloritis Range still impresses with its religious monuments and the deserted countryside monasteries. The rugged mountainous terrain has formed a special cultural center.

Church of Saint Anthony at Keramoutsi

The church of Saint Anthony at Keramoutsi, province Malevizi, is a small single-nave church with its upper part being restored with cement. The surviving lower part bears frescoes of Venetian rule in poor condition.


Church of Saint Myron at Agios Mironas

The village of Agios Myron takes its name after the temple of St Myron, in which there is the tomb and the relics of St. Myron from Crete, which smell like myrrh. Under the temple there is the hermitage of the saint Myron, which has been formed into a chapel. Saint Myron was the bishop of Knossos and lived in the 4th century.


Panagia Rodea church at Rogdia

The church of Panagia of Rodea is dedicated to the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (celebr. March 25th) and is located in the center of the village Rogdia, next to the magnificent 16th-century villa Modino.


Saint Anthony church at Ano Asites

The cavernous church of St. Anthony (Agios Antonios), maybe a former monastery, is located above the starting point of the gorge of Kato Asites, at a beautiful green location with plane trees and springs.


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