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The province of Malevizi at the eastern foothills of Psiloritis Range still impresses with its religious monuments and the deserted countryside monasteries. The rugged mountainous terrain has formed a special cultural center.

Panagia monastery at Fraskia

Here you will meet the ruins of the monastery Panagia Fraskia (Faschea) mentioned on almost all maps of the Venetian Era, having been one of the most important monasteries in Venetian Crete. Panagia, mentioned by Buontelmonti in 1415, was founded in the late 12th century at the point where the Venetians used as a natural harbor (the cove of Fraskia).


Church of the Holy Apostles at Agios Mironas

The Church of the Holy Apostles is located at village St Myron and is a single-nave vaulted church bearing frescoes with intense funeral subjects. It is the only church in which the frescoes were painted on cloth (canvas), later pasted on the walls of the temple.


Church of Archangel Michael at Vlahiana

The church of the Archangel Michael at the deserted settlement of Vlahiana dates back from 1447 and is maintained in good condition. It is a double-aisled church with decors on the exterior of the entrance and a weird window at the back. There is a tomb of the founder of Vlahiana, Georgios Vlahos, who fighted against the Turks at the side of the Cretan hero Daskalogiannis.


Panagia church at Kamari

A short distance from the village of Kamari will meet the very old restored church of Our Lady (Panagia), built during Turkish Era in an area surrounded by vines.


Church of Saint George at Kamariotis

The church of Agios Georgios at village Kamariotis is a triple-aisled basilica of the 16th century with a dome and an outer narthex. The doorway of the narthex is richly decorated with the Lion of St. Mark (the symbol of Venice) and the crest of Kallergis, one of the strongest Cretan families who had special privileges from the Venetians.


Church of Christ the Savior at Tylissos

The single-aisled vaulted church of Jesus Christ in the old central Square of Tylissos has undergone alterations through the centuries. It’s interior houses an arcosolium (funerary monument of the founder of the church) while there is an exceptional fountain with Arabic inscriptions embedded on its exterior wall.


Church of Panagia Kera at Tylissos

The church of Panagia Kera at Tylisos is a single-aisled church with a dome of the 11th century. The church maintains its basic original features (it has undergone a few alterations though). It is dedicated to the Nativity of Mary (September 8).


Panagia church at Keramoutsi

The church of Our Lady (Panagia) at Keramoutsi was originally a single-nave temple and bore frescoes. From the original building survives the eastern part (the apse) with folk art frescoes of the 14th century. In the 16th century the church, for some unknown reason, was renovated and converted into a cruciform temple with a dome.


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