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Panagia Rodea church at Rogdia
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The church of Panagia Rodea is dedicated to the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (celebr. March 25th) and is located in the center of the village Rogdia, next to the magnificent 16th-century villa Modino. The elongated domed chapel bearing a small chapel to the northeast has been formed after successive interventions in a pre-existing 11th-century wooden-roofed temple.

The north wall of the present church belongs to the initial temple , which is formed by successive triple blind arches and niches. A characteristic feature of this period is the preserved part of the plaster bearing engravings, which imitate isodomic masonry. The temple probably was attached to another building, as seen from the pillar and arch portions, which are embedded in the north wall of the 16th century chapel.

The first major intervention in the temple took place in the 13th century, when the roof was replaced with a dome and, at the same time, rows of arches were added alongside the long walls internally. In the middle of the 13th century, the church was decored with good quality frescoes, fragments of which are still visible. The church was renovated by the noble family Kallergis in 1577, according to a preserved inscription on the door and the coats of arms. At the same time, the south side of the doorway was renovated, framed by two windows with relief plants.

Much later, perhaps in the 19th century, the church was extended to the west. The north doorway was then rebuilt by placing a relief plaque depicting the Annunciation and the inscription with the year 1863.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Type: Church
  • Peak Period: Venetian Era (1204 AD - 1669 AD)
  • Accessibility: Paved road

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