The Venetian Tower of Syggelos at


Syngelos Tower at Kaloniktis
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Between the villages of Ano Varsamonero, Kaloniktis, Ano Malaki and Kato Malaki, at an area full of oaks and ancient olive trees, still stands the ruined Venetian Mansion of Syngelos.

Apparently this building was used for controlling and overlooking the region by its owner during the Venetian period or later. The current name comes from the owner of Papadonikolakis Manolis (nicknamed Syngelos), who bought the place in 1900. Until then it was referred to as the tower of Patrosifis.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture
  • Type: Fortress / Tower
  • Peak Period: Venetian Era (1204 AD - 1669 AD)
  • Accessibility: Walking

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