Canyoning in Crete


Attention! The heavy rains of the last years have damaged many gorges and many paths have been destroyed so they are no longer accessible. You could inform us for such cases, so we update the listings in our website.
Kaminolakos Gorge
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Below the village Myrthios of North Rethymnon (not the village Myrthios by Plakias) a small ravine with plane trees is formed, with a small and very wild gorge formed at its exit at position Kaminolakos. The gorge is dry and has water only after heavy rainfall. Descending the gorge is possible only with canyoneering equipment. It was totally unexplored till March 22, 2013, when a group of Christopher Cheiladakis, Argyro Koghylaki and Rudolf Riegler first explored it and installed safety rings.

The gorge from its first part is very wild, with small rappels till its final waterfall, being 55m high. The last waterfall is covered by huge trees above it, being hidden in a very shady place. The gorge ends at the famous stone bridge of Simas, on the road leading to Amari. This bridge is the highest-built bridge in Crete and is a construction miracle for its era.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture
  • Type: Canyoneering equipment needed
  • Water: Water till spring

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