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Agios Antonios Cave
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Today the cave hosts the beautiful church of St. Anthony, the patron of children, which is below the roofs of the Gorge. The cave and the gorge can be visited, since the Directorate of Forestry has organized the area.

About 300 meters further to the south, there is a second small cavern called Fournare.

In 1885-6 there have been some excavations by F. Halbherr, in the point where the chapel is today. The findings were anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figurines, which are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

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In 1894 more findings were excavated and they were sold to Arthur Evans. Today, they are hosted in the museum of Oxford.

The most recent excavations were made in 1989 by the Greek Classical Antiquities Authority. These showed that the Minoan cult was mainly performed in the roofs. Moreover, animal bones were found that had been put on the fire, as well as pottery-figurines. The same excavations revealed a statuette of the mythical god Pan.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture
  • Type: With archaeological importance
  • Accessibility: Walking

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