Nature in Crete


On the rugged terrain of Crete, rivers meet large faults and steep descents during their course through the canyons, forming hundreds of small and high waterfalls. Even locals are unaware of the existence of several waterfalls, as most of them are invisible and hidden in the impassable gorges. The vast majority has water from the first months of the year by the end of spring.

The most famous waterfalls with water flowing all year round are the falls of Kourtaliotis near Plakias, Richtis near Sitia and Mylonas near Ierapetra. Impressive waterfalls are formed in winter along the large fault of the Asterousia Range, with the most famous being the fall Lichnistis at Maridaki and the impressive waterfall of Ambas by Paranymfi. A large number of winter waterfalls are also found at Mount Kedros, with the most famous being Selinara, Gre Dafni and Rechtara.

Crossing gorges of Crete with high waterfalls is possible only by using technical equipment. Appropriate training in canyoneering techniques can be offered by specialist companies on the island. The most popular technical canyons of Crete include the imposing gorge Ha, Tsoutsouras, Kalami, the gorge of Arvi (which turns into a dark underground river after an 80m high fall) and many more.

The Mastoras waterfall at the side of gorge Ha is 215m high and it is one of the highest falls in Greece.

Exakousti Waterfall

The area of Malles in Ierapetra province is well known for rich vegetation, mainly from pines and many water springs. In this mountainous area, there are many streams forming waterfalls along their course. One of the area's most easily accessible waterfalls, which however has water only after many rains, is the waterfall of Exakousti, formed right above the Monastery of Exakousti.


Skotini Waterfall at Fodele

The wider area of Fodele hosts several small and high waterfalls. The most easily accessible of them is the waterfall of Skotini, located very close to the Byzantine temple of Panagia (Virgin Mary) in Fodele and the Museum of El Greco.


Selakano waterfall

In the beautiful forest of Selakano, streams are formed in winter which transport the waters of the Dikti mountain range to the lowest altitudes. Among them stands out a stream that connects Katharo with Selakano, north of the settlement Mathokotsana, as in its course it forms a beautiful 7-meter waterfall.


Petsiliana waterfalls in Archanes

Shortly after Asomatos area south of Archanes we find the location Petsiliana, known for the church of Saints Constantine and Helen. Under the age-old plane trees, oaks and cypresses, water flows from the springs, forming several waterfalls.


Rechtra waterfall at ancient Assos

The waterfall of Rehtra is located in the location Kaimenos, south of Panasos, southwest of the place where the ancient Assos is believed to have been built.


Agia Kiriaki waterfalls at Amourgella

In the valley of Amourgela, the church of Agia Kyriaki has been built, above a series of beautiful waterfalls. Access is possible via a bad dirt road.


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