Archanes waterfalls


Petsiliana waterfalls in Archanes
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South of Epano Archanes, at the location of Asomatos, we  meet the Byzantine church of Michael the Archangel. From this area starts a verdant ravine with springs, which then crosses Archanes and is the main feeder of the Archaniotiko Gorge.

At the beginning of the course of the water and shortly after Asomatos we find the location Petsiliana, known for the church of Saints Constantine and Helen. Under the centuries-old plane trees, oaks and cypresses, water flows from the springs and descends to Archanes. The water in its course encounters some limestone rifts creating small waterfalls.

The soil of the area favors the development of bushes, which make access to the stream difficult. However, there are places, open due to adjacent cultivated fields, where one can approach the river and see the waterfalls.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Water: Water till spring

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