Church of Panagia


Panagia Church at Archanes
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The Venetian church of Virgin Mary (Panagia Kera or Faneromeni) is located near the entrance of the town of Archanes. The name Faneromeni (Revealed) is taken after a legend that writes as follows: Once a girl called Maria saw a light at the point where the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary was hidden. The girl then built the first temple.

According to another story, which is met in many temples of Crete, once the Turkish Aga of the area gave permission to Christians to build a new temple, only if they managed to complete its construction in one night. They started but time was too short for them. After entreaties, the Turk gave permission for one extra night, but under the term that no water would be used. Thus, the locals started milking their goats and built the Church with milk till the morning of the second day.

It is also said that during the German Occupation, the Germans attempted to bomb Archanes several times, when they approached it was covered miraculously by dense clouds and could not lock a target.

Inside the temple an important collection of priestly relics and icons is housed.

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