The Hellenistic Bridge at Vrisses

Eliniki Kamara

Elliniki Kamara at Vrisses
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Elliniki Kamara (i.e. Greek Arch) is an arched bridge built in the Hellenistic Era with some later additions (Venetian and Ottoman Era) and is located next to the National Road connecting Chania to Rethymnon. The name comes from Hellenistic Kamara. The opening of the arc is 11.10m long, 8.40m high and has a width of 3.00m.

It is located at an area full of ancient findings. Formerly under the arch there was a pond with water and there were legends for fairies appearing on the evening of New Year Eve.

There has survived a lovely folk song, according to which, in order Kamara to be successfully structured, the wife of foreman had to be sacrificed at its foundations.

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