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Kefala hill by Damania
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Northwest of the village Damania, on the road that heads to Arkadi village (Monofatsi province) we meet the hill of Kefala. Kefala has unique views to Damania and the beautiful dam-lake, the fertile plain of the village and other villages of Monofatsi. The whole area in the upper part of the hill is full of the remains of the village that was there centuries ago and is now completely deserted. This village that once existed there has been remembered by local residents as a purely Turkish that owned the entire area of the plain of Damania. After the liberation of Crete from the Turks all Muslims left. Shortly afterwards, it was settled by the refugees (during the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey) but they built the village at the current position of Damania.

Over the years Kefala has been completely forgotten and only the name survives. The houses have collapsed and today we see only their bases. What is still striking is the area the village covered, indicating how big and important it was. At the highest point of the hill we still see part of a building that was obviously bigger and more important than the other houses of the village, maybe a tower. Locals say that this prominent building in the years of Ottoman rule was the gendarmerie station but it cannot be confirmed with certainty. Besides the remnants of the village, the wider area is full of pottery sherds of the antuiquity.

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