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Damania Dam Lake
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Damania village is a small and quiet village at the most fertile part of Monofatsi district, Heraklion Prefecture. All locals came from Minor Asia, just after the disaster in Smyrna (1922). The village has recently been added to the villages that have a dam nearby, as a small dam was built to retain water from the tributary of Anapodaris River.

The serene lake is a nice idea for a daily excursion and picnic near Heraklion city. There is a trail and dirt track around the lake, from where you can watch the birds that have already found this place!

At the west part of the lake there is a small hill called Zaviana, over which traces of an ancient settlement have been identified. We can still discern the bases of the buildings and pottery sherds around. North of the lake, atop hill Kefala, there are the traces of the old Damania village with a destroyed tower, which was populated by Turks, that has fantasic views to the lake. South of the lake, there is the impressive and very old chapel dedicated to Zoodohos Pigi (Life Giving Spring).

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Water: Water all year round
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