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Because of its small width, Crete has few rivers, starting from the mountains of the island, in the central part, and ending either at the South Cretan or North Cretan Sea. Most of them have water only during the winter months, while on summer they get dry.

Almiros Wetland at Georgioupolis

The lake and the river Almyros in the area of ​​Georgioupolis form one of the most important wetlands of western Crete. In the lake, we find many aquatic birds and aquatic plants like reeds, myrtles, and oleanders. The lake is natural and is watered by the water of the White Mountains. The bank has been formed in order to assist in the operation of a small 300kW hydroelectric power station.


Giofyros River

The river Giofyros or Diakoniaris is located in the northern prefecture of Heraklion. It is watered by several tributaries close to the village of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah) and flows next to the Pancretan Stadium, in Heraklion city.


River Keritis


The river Keritis is located near Chania and belongs to the rivers with the largest water supply in Crete. It gathers the waters of the massif Lefka Ori from the area of Zourva and Meskla. After a course of more than 25 km it ends at the beach of Platanias. During its flow it merges with many streams and tributaries.



River Perastikos

Perastikos has a large quantity of water although it is formed very close to the shore. Along its short, 50m-long course, it forms a very important wetland that hosts several bird species. Near its source, there is a bridge connecting both sides of the beach.


Akoumianos River

Akoumianos river is the third larger river (in water quantity) in the province of Agios Vasilios (after Megas and Platys River). It gets its water from dozens of sources from the slopes of the mountains Kedros and Asiderotas and has water all year round, especially in its upper part.


Almiros Wetland at Agios Nikolaos

The wetland of Almyros is very close to the town of Agios Nikolaos, making it a real paradise for the area. It is a marshy area of 48 acres that is permanently watered with brackish water from karst springs. The average annual flow rate is about 2000 liters per second.


River Gazanos

Gazanos River gathers the water from the eastern slopes of Psiloritis Range and is one of the most important rivers in Crete. Initially it gathers water from the areas around Asites and then merges with the stream of Kroussonas in the village Sarchos. Then it crosses from the beautiful area ​​Kolimbithres with the small waterfall Xepatomenos, and just before Gazi it merges with the stream coming through the Goniano gorge.


Geropotamos and Milopotamos rivers

Geropotamos in Rethymno is a long river that flows into the beach of Geropotamos, at the site of ancient Avlona, where it forms an important wetland. Its name means "sacred river", while near its exit it is also known as Avlopotamos due to the ancient city Avlona. Geropotamos gathers the waters from many tributaries on the northern side of Psiloritis. 


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