Wetland at Agios Nikolaos



Almiros Wetland at Agios Nikolaos
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The wetland of Almyros is very close to the town of Agios Nikolaos, making it a real paradise for the area. It is a marshy area of 48 acres that is permanently watered with brackish water from karst springs. The average annual flow rate is about 2000 liters per second.

Most of the area is occupied by reeds of the species Phragmites australis. There are also rushes and tamarisks. The coastal part, which has been limited due to the exploitation of the beach, hosts the sea lily (Pancratium maritimum). Species such as eucalyptus and palm trees have unfortunately been introduced by humans.

Almyros houses many species of fauna, mainly birds, that find food, shelter and ideal conditions for reproduction. Ducks, herons and seagulls appear throughout the year. Also, the wetland is a resting and refueling area for migratory birds during spring and autumn migration.

The name Almyros exists in two more important wetlands of Crete, Almyros near Heraklion and Almyros at Georgioupolis.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Water: Water all year round

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