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Because of its small width, Crete has few rivers, starting from the mountains of the island, in the central part, and ending either at the South Cretan or North Cretan Sea. Most of them have water only during the winter months, while on summer they get dry.

River Moronis

The River Moronis or Pera collects its waters from the wider area of Souda and Chania Crafts Park and transfers them to Souda beach. Its overall length does not exceed 5km, but it is important as it flows all year round.


Litheos River

Litheos Potamos (Lethean River) collects water from the basin of Gergeri and Panassos in the south-eastern roots of Psiloritis. It continues its course as a wide river from Apomarma, during which many vertical streams meet the main stream. Throughout its course one meets many dilapidated watermills, while we also encounter traces of the ancient aqueduct that transferred water from Gergeri to Gortyn.


River Tyflos

The River Tyflos (Blind) is located in Kissamos province and its main stream is about 20 km long. The river has water until early summer, depending on the rainfall of the year.


River Mouselas

The river Mouselas flows through the valleys that form east of the White Mountains and flow into the western boundary of the large beach of Episkopi, in the large bay of Almyros that has the most rivers in Crete. It is the natural border of the prefectures of Chania and Rethymno.


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