The tomb of Gustavo Duran


Saint Onuphrius church at Alones
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At the root of the steep and imposing range of Kryoneritis in south Rethymno lies the picturesque green village Alones. Its name is taken after its shape, which resembles huge threshing (aloni is threshing in Greek). In the village square under a perennial plane tree, there is the beautiful humble chapel of Saint Onuphrius (Agios Onoufrios). Saint Onuphrius paradoxically enjoys a special love in the villages of west Rethymno prefecture and this area hosts the most churches that honor this saint in Crete. The church of Agios Onoufrios enjoys special love from the locals who consider it miraculous and have many miracles to tell.

Adjacent to the church we meet a statue of the Spanish General Gustav Duran. Meeting a statue of this famous general in a small village like Alones is a surprise, but he had a very special relationship with the village of Alones. When he was alive he visited Alones and was so impressed with the village life and the hospitality offered by the locals who visited it many times. He once saw local women carrying pitchers with water from the village spring in their homes and decided to donate the building of a modern water supply system in the village with pipes carrying water in every home. A few years later the Spanish General died as he asked his body to be buried in Alones, where we meet this grave below a huge oak tree, that was his favorite place to sit and relax.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture
  • Type: Church
  • Accessibility: Dirt track

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