Rodakino - Kryoneritis - Alones


Trail E4 Rodakino - Kryoneritis - Alones
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This part of the E4 path has as its main feature the ascent of Mount Kryoneritis, which has panoramic views of the northern and southern coast of Crete. The course continues north and ends at Alones village.

150 meters east of the bridge of Rodakino we follow the uphill dirt road on the left and after 500 meters turn left and head north along the side of the ravine. At the base of Kryoneritis mount, at the position, Mouzouria starts the marked path to the top of Kryoneritis (altitude 1310 m).

The trail ascends to the famous church of the Holy Spirit with the well-known spring with cold water, which gives its name to the mountain (krioneritis means cold water). Near the saddle, we follow there is a small flat plain with old stone huts, mitata. Throughout the climb, we have great views in almost all the prefectures of Rethymno and to the Cretan Sea. Once you get to the saddle the view changes and we see the South Cretan Sea with its beaches, Rodakino village, and surrounding steep gorges.

From the top, we return back to Mouzouria and follow the steep path to the north till the village Alones, where the rugged limestone of Krioneritis gives way to the rich soil and green landscape of the valleys.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture
  • Type: E4 trail
  • Length (km): 10
  • Difficulty (0-10): 2
  • Hiking Hours: 6:00
  • Accessibility: Dirt track, Walking

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