Museums of Crete


Visitors of Crete may come to contact with the traditions and customs of Crete, through a large number of museums and collections that intend to highlight the folklore and ethnological tradition of the island. Important collections of bygone eras include utensils related to traditional agriculture, livestock breeding, wedding, christening, birth, architecture, clothing and equipment of traditional Cretan houses.

Excellent collections are met at the museums of Lychnostatis in Hersonissos, Chania, Arolithos by Tylissos, Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, Therisso, Gavalohori, Piskopiano, Somatas, Ini, Asites, Chandras, Palekastro, Vrahassi, Gavdos, Pefki, Hamezi, Mohos, Spili and more. Traditional watermills at Zakros and Chromonastiri are open to visitors. Similarly, venues related to the olive tree include the Museum of Olive in Vouves, the old oil mill (fabrica) of ArchanesVatolakos, etc.

Special ethnological collections are listed at the Museum of Acritans of Europe at Paleochora and Vori. Maritime and fishing tradition is highlighted at the Naval Museum of Crete and at the Fisheries Museum at Kolimbari. Other notable museums are the Museum of School Life at Nerokouros, the Museum of Musical Instruments at Houdetsi and the Wax Museum of Potamianos in Zoniana.

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Olive Museum at Vatolakos

Vatolakkos hosts a folklore collection with dozens of items. The Museum of Olive Oil “Fabrica of Dermitzakis" is housed in a 18th century olive mill,


Vouves OIive Museum

The Olive Museum at Vouves is located near the Monumental Olive Tree of Vouves, with which it forms a harmonious whole.


Folklore Museum Polios’s House

The Folklore Museum is located in the village Asteri, 13km west of the city of Rethymno. It started its operation in 2009 and is housed in a traditional Cretan house, transformed in a cozy private museum, with passion and love of George Polioudakis.


Folklore Museum of Arolithos

The museum of rural history and folk art is housed in the traditional settlement Arolithos since 1999. The collection includes objects of historical, folkloric and religious importance.


Folklore Museum of Odigitria Monastery

A little south of the village Listaros, on the road to Kali Limenes and Agiofarago we meet the historic monastery of Panagia Odigitria. The Odigitria Monastery apart from the Minoan antiquities, the Byzantine treasures and the Tower of Xopateras hosts also a wonderful folk museum.


Museum of Agios Georgios

The Cretan Folklore Museum, The Neoclassical Museum, the Ecclesiastical museum and the Museum of Eleftherios Venizelos compose a unique cultural complex, where the present is confused with the past.


Folklore Museum of Ethia

At the site of the old Primary School of Ethia an interesting collection of folklore objects from the donations of the villagers has been exhibited. The school, which can be visited after an appointment with the village's Cultural Association.


Museum of Water and Hydraulics in Zakros

Next to the lush green Springs of Ano Zakros one can visit the Museum of Water and Hydraulic housed in three restored watermills since 2007.


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