The tower of


The tower of Mouzouras
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The tower of Mouzouras is a three storeydefensive building of the Venetian Era or more likely of the early Ottoman period, which is reserved in a very good condition. The tower was built with the same architecture with the towers at the corners of the fortification walls of Gouverneto monastery.

It has gun-loops from at 4 sides and several loopholes. The main entrance, at the height of the first floor is protected with a special gun-loop (the 5th ) .

The current windows seem to be rebuilt (possibly widened) and have the characteristics of the 19th century. The tower, ruined for many years, today belongs to the family Giannakakis, who have restored it and use as a residence, under the supervision of the Archaeological Service. Around the chateau there was a complex of auxiliary buildings (olive mills, stable, etc.), which have now been converted into residences and warehouses.

It is said that here lived the janissary Boxalis, one of the followers of Hajji Osman Pasha. The Turk was very hard to the Christians, who once managed to kill him and burn the tower, as evidenced by traces of burnt wood.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture
  • Accessibility: Paved road
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