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Attention! The heavy rains of 2019 and 2020 have damaged many gorges and many paths have been destroyed so they are no longer accessible. You could inform us for such cases, so we update the listings in our website.

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Most Cretan gorges that are ideal for river trek
are located in Rethymnon prefecture

Kourtaliotis | Patsos | Mili | Platania | Kotsifos

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Patsos Gorge



Mili Gorge


Rethymnon hosts several accessible beautiful canyons. The most famous is the Gorge Kourtaliotiko, in which flows the river Megalos that ends at the beautiful beach of Preveli with the dreamy palm grove. The gorge has the largest quantity of water in Crete and river trekking along its bed, from the springs to the beach, is an exciting experience. Other hiking-friendly canyons of Rethymnon include the twin Kollita gorges at the area of Argyroupolis, the gorge Kotsifos by Plakias, the gorge of Saint Anthony at Patsos, the gorge Prasano and the gorge Platania. Next to the town of Rethymnon there are the lush canyons of Myli, Vederi and Gallos.

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Perdikaris Gorge

Gorge Perdikaris is located between villages Miriokefala and Argoules, along the borders of the prefectures of Rethymnon and Chania. It is a rugged canyon with steep gradients, low vegetation and large opening throughout its length.


Gorge Kinigospilios

At the small and almost deserted village Chordaki, district of Amari, we meet the small but very beautiful canyon of Kynigospilios south of the village. It is a secret place, not visible from anywhere and this is the main reason that remains it unknown. The canyon Kynigospilios has enough water flow during the winter months till the end of spring, which comes from the slopes of Mount Kedros.


Kaminolakos Gorge

Below the village Myrthios of North Rethymnon (not the village Myrthios by Plakias) a small ravine with plane trees is formed, with a small and very wild gorge formed at its exit at position Kaminolakos. The gorge is dry and carries water only after heavy rainfall.


Sykia Gorge at Rodakino

The very beautiful gorge of Sykia is actually the easternmost gorge of the province of Sfakia and is formed north of the village Rodakino. It is a technical canyon, thus crossing it requires technical equipment, as there are more than 10 steep descents (waterfalls) secured by a relay from the speleological associations of Crete.


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