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Attention! The heavy rains of the last years have damaged many gorges and many paths have been destroyed so they are no longer accessible. You could inform us for such cases, so we update the listings in our website.

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At the very east of Crete
explore the secret lush green gorges.

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In the warm and dry area of East Crete, most gorges dry up during the summer, however there are a few green oases, such as the canyon Richtis with the impressive waterfall. The Dikti Range is home to some very impressive canyons, with the most popular being Sarakina by Mythi, Kritsa, Adrianos, Havgas by Kalamafka and Havgas at Lassithi Plateau. Some more impressive gorges, surrounded mainly by pinewood, are located on Mount Thrypti. Among them, the canyons of Pefki, Orino, Ahlia and Mylonas are the most popular. The area of Zakros is dominated by the eerie canyon of the Dead, which takes its name after the Minoan graves found in its cavernous walls. Other local gorges are the dry canyons Katsounaki, Lamnoni, Saint Irene and Pervolakia. North Mirabello district area also hosts some less known canyons, ideal for easy hiking, such as Kouroukoulos, Havgas by Plaka and Skotini. Apart from hiking, Lassithi also hosts some imposing technical canyons (crossed only with equipment) with the most famous being the wild canyon of Ha by Ierapetra.

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Mavrogiannis Gorge (Skinias)

Gorge Mavrogiannis starts its course from the village Skinias (Mirabello) and ends after a serpentine route at the beautiful beach Avlaki in Vlychadia location. It is a dry canyon with awesome rock formations along it.


Havgas Gorge at Kavousi

The small gorge called Havgas starts near the Minoan settlement of Azorias and ends its course in Kavousi, being only 700m long. Crossing it through its stream requires technical (canyoning) equipment as there are six beautiful waterfalls, which the highest is 20 meters high and has water till late winter.


Patsopoulos Gorge

The unknown gorge of Kouroukoulos starts from the deserted village Agalianos at the province of Merambelo, Lasithi prefecture. West of Kouroukoulos, there is the Gorge Patsopoulos.


Petinos Gorge at Lithines

The small gorge of Petinos or gorge Anavryta is shaped northwest of Lithines village, Sitia province. It is a technical gorge, meaning that crossing it requires canyoning equipment, as along it's course it forms about 12 waterfalls, with the highest reaching about 20m. 


Boufanis Gorge

Βoufanis gorge is formed southeast of Selakano and finishes between the villages Chirstos and Metaxohori of Viannos Province. Hiking is usually done by the old path that connects Selakano with Metaxochori and it passes high and parallel to its bed.


Charkomatas Gorge

Chalkomatas or Charkomatas Gorge is located near the village Chamezi in Sitia Province and starts from the area where a dirt road starts ascending to the temple of Prophet Elijah and the fortress Liopetro. The vegetation in the gorge is low and the geological formations of limestone are impressive. 


Lower Mythi Gorge

Lower Gorge (Kato Farangi) is located in the region of the village Mythi in the province Ierapetra. It is the last rocky part of the stream that runs through the river Myrtos or Kriopotamos.


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