Canyoning in Crete



Troulla Gorge
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Just a few meters to the west of Tsoutsouras gorge, the very narrow and smaller gorge of Troulla is formed. Being shorter than the Tsoutsouros canyon, it has attracted the attention of the canyoners and is very impressive with more than 15 beautiful waterfalls along its bed, the largest being 15m high.

Because it is next to the Canyon of Tsoutsouras is is geologically similar and the first team that crossed it, jokingly named it Tsoutsouraki, i.e. small Tsoutsouras. Its entrance is just west of the impressive dome (troulla) of Tsoutsoura at the area Meli Lakos (Honey’s Pit) and it’s exit at the area Staoussa next to the village.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Type: Canyoneering equipment needed
  • Water: Water till spring
  • Length (km): 0.7
  • Altitude difference (m): 100
  • Difficulty (0-10): 6
  • Hiking Hours: 2
  • Accessibility: Walking
  • Maximum Rapel Height (m): 15

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