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Attention! The heavy rains of the last years have damaged many gorges and many paths have been destroyed so they are no longer accessible. You could inform us for such cases, so we update the listings in our website.
Anapodaris Gorge
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Anapodaris Gorge is formed at the final part of the longest river in Crete, river Anapodaris, that collects the waters of the central prefecture of Heraklion and south Dikti Range. The suggested route has a duration of 3-3:30 hours and is possible during summer or late spring when the river does not have too much water. It is worth noting that the river empties to the sea about 40 million cubic meters of water annually. The proposed route starts inside the riverbed after we follow a gravel road of 2.7km starting from the village Skinias. We walk for the first two hours in the riverbed. During the course, we note that the erosion of the river forms unique passages, often blocked by huge boulders. These rocks form giant figures reminding of humans and animals.

Eventually we reach the wildest part of the canyon where technical equipment is needed to overcome (along the riverbed). Alternatively, shortly before that point there is a tough trail ascending to the east slopes of the gorge, which after half an hour leads back to the bed. From there you can return a little back to admire the rugged canyon and the large ponds with water.

From there the exit to the beach of Dermatos is about an hour easy hiking in the riverbed. At Dermatos, one of the largest and most important deltas of Crete is formed, occupying several acres of marshes and streams surrounded by aquatic vegetation. The delta of Anapodaris is one of the most important wetlands in Crete and hosts many bird species. The river deposits over the years have created the valley of Dermatos and its wonderful beach. Unfortunately, today the biggest problem of river is the pollution caused by the waste of olive oil mills.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Type: Hiking gorge
  • Water: Water till spring
  • Difficulty (0-10): 3
  • Hiking Hours: 4

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