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Renowned for spectacular seascapes of the South
and the north long sandy beaches,
this part of Crete is an almost never-ending paradise.

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The southern coast of Rethymnon hosts some of the most beautiful, untouched exotic beaches of Crete. At Agios Pavlos, huge sand-hills descend steeply and vanish into the sea, forming a beach, where one may sense the most positive vibrations of the island. On the adjacent beaches of Ligres and Pahia Ammos by Kerames the scenery remains mysterious. However, the most brilliant turquoise waters in Rethymnon are found on the beaches of Skinaria, Ammoudi and Damnoni, all located near Plakias.

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Agios Georgios beaches (Lichnistis)

The valley of St. George is located 3km west of Agia Galini, 69km southeast of Heraklion and 60km south of Rethymno. There are two small bays with wonderful pebbly beaches, which are separated by a rocky shore. The weather here is always mild, making the beaches ideal for swimming all year round.


Pirate Fjord

The Pirates’ Fjord is located 33km south of Rethymnon, in a secluded cove south of Mouri or Karavos Cape, near Plakias. It is a very narrow cove, formed between enormous vertical cliffs. The tiny beach shaped here has sand at its starting point and doesn’t exceed 2m in width.


Agia Fotini beach

The poor asphalt road that leads to Keramiani Gialia stops near the local harbor of Agia Fotini, also known as Agia Fotia. Agia Fotia has some stunning tiny pebble beaches, ideal for snorkeling and swimming. These are surrounded by marvellous huge rocks.


Adelianos Kambos beach

Adelianos Kampos (or Kambos) is located 6km east of Rethymnon, near the village of Adele, on a flat plain. The name means “Plain of Adele”. It is actually a seaside suburb of Rethymnon, as the small village has grown so much in the last century, that it is now a part of the city.


Peristeres beach

The beach is actually divided into two large beaches and is secluded, since access is not as easy as the nearby beaches of Korakas and Polirizos. On the beach there are no facilities, just a small tavern (and another one on the west part of the beach).


Skepasti beaches

he beaches of Skepasti are located about 27km east of Rethymnon and 2km east of the homonym village Skepasti, in the province of Milopotamos. The beaches are mainly accessed through bad dirt tracks that starts from the village. Skepasti beaches are all open to the north winds, with pebbles and deep water.


Louros beaches

Louros is a rocky area between the settlements of Agios Georgios by Agia Galini and Agios Pavlos, hosting several small beaches. There is a road running above them all. Driving west from Agios Georgios, we soon meet the small beaches of Armenopetra (i.e. sailing rock) named after a lonely boulder in the sea. The beaches are ideal for snorkeling.


Drymiskos beaches

South of the picturesque hamlet of Drymiskos lies a series of consecutive coves forming several beaches along 3 km. The entire region bears the name Drymiskian Beach. The successive beaches separated by rocks and reefs which make snorkeling a real experience. The site remains virtually unknown to most people mainly because the access is difficult.


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