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Ammoudi beaches, Plakias
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Ammoudi is a beach complex located 32km south of Rethymno and 4km east of Plakias. To get here, you have to drive on a paved road from the village of Lefkogia. The paved road leads to the first beach of the area, Ammoudi, with a characteristic green slippery rock in the middle. The beach is slightly organized, with umbrellas and some taverns and rooms nearby. Moreover, in Amoudi you can find a scuba diving center. Amoudi has thick white sand and rocky seabed, ideal for diving and snorkeling, and the waters have a bright green color. Next to the beach, there are many tamarisk trees, under which you can find shade and camp.

West of Ammoudi starts a dirt road that leads to Damnoni and passes next to towering cliffs and imposing rocks. Just 200m west of Ammoudi, along the dirt road, you will find a parking plateau that has an unrestricted view of Damnoni. Right there, on your left hand, you will see a spectacular miniature sandy beach, with turquoise waters and a characteristic rock in the sea. The beach is shaped between two little oblong rocks. The beach is named Klisidi and is an ideal choice when no people are there (quite rare in peak seasons).

Next to Klisidi, you will meet the amazing nudist beach of Small Ammoudi or Ammoudaki. The turquoise waters and spectacular white coarse sand, make this small beach a popular destination for nudists. Moreover, on the beach, there is a small canteen, which also provides umbrellas and sunbeds. On the west side of the beach, you can swim to a marine cave, where the sun's rays make the color of the water vivid blue. The seabed is sandy and you can walk there. At the other end, there is an underwater hole that connects Ammoudaki with Klisidi. So you can get from one beach to another only with a dive. To reach the beaches of Ammoudi on foot, you can walk east of Damnoni, till you meet Ammoudaki.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture, West Crete, South Crete, Agios Vasilios area (Plakias)
  • Sea water color: Turquoise
  • Sand type: White Sand
  • Depth: Normal
  • Sea surface: Usually calm
  • Crowds: Crowded place
  • Facilities: Accommodation options nearby, Food / water nearby, Umbrellas / beds, Sports
  • Other Information: Nudism friendly, Ideal for snorkeling / spearfishing, Rock shade
  • Accessibility: Paved road, Dirt track


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