Rock Formations in Crete


The Rock of Paligremnos in Plakias
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At the eastern end of the sandy beach of Plakias, at the base of the Karavos peninsula, the impressive limestone rock of Paligremnos is formed. Paligremnos is a geological fault with a great height and extremely smooth surface that exceeds 80 meters.

Paligremnos could not be ignored by climbing enthusiasts, thus the climbing spot of Plakias is one of the most famous in Greece. 32 climbing routes have been organized along its entire length, while almost as many exist in the smaller rift just above Paligremnos. The tracks move in cracks, but also in smooth surfaces.

The base of Paligremnos used to host a railway line for transporting lignite to ships, ending in the Plakias tunnels. A cave is also formed at the base of Paligremnos, which was used to store materials. Today, you can still follow the path along the steep shores to the tunnels.

The area is also called Gonates (Knees), as tradition has it that the mythical Greek hero Digenis Akritas knelt there to drink water from a spring. Then the rock was created.

Also, according to testimonies, a strange phenomenon happens here every full moon from September to January. The moonlight falls on the towering rocks and is reflected in the sea. Thus, many large squids come out at the edge of the beach.

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