Agia Roumeli - Loutro - Sfakia


Trail E4 Agia Roumeli - Loutro - Sfakia
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From Agia Roumeli, at the exit of the imposing Samaria Gorge, starts the easy and very beautiful coastal part of the European E4 trail with the typical yellow-black signing that leads to Chora Sfakion. It originally crosses the pine wood of Selouda with the church of Saint Paul built of the beach many centuries ago and continues along the rocky coast to the exit of the gorge of Aradena, at Marmara beach. Here you can stop for a refreshing dive and eat at the local tavern on the rock. 

From Marmara the trail continues to the settlements Likos and Phoenix and reaches the scenic village Loutro, accessed only by boat. At Loutro you can stay overnight, relax in the local taverns and swim in the amazing beaches. From Loutro the E4 trail heads to the amazing beach Glyka Nera and then ascends along the steep cliffs to meet the main asphalt road to Anopolis. From there walk to Chora Sfakia, after passing above the beach Iligas.

As the trail is quite long, it is a good idea to break the route in two days and stay overnight at Loutro. Another option is to avoid the last part from Loutro to Chora Sfakion, by catching the ferry to Chora Sfakion.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture
  • Type: E4 trail
  • Length (km): 20
  • Difficulty (0-10): 3
  • Hiking Hours: 8:00
  • Accessibility: Walking

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