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Kormokopos Cave
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The spring and the cave of Kormokopos is located northwest of Agios Ioannis, province Sfakia, on the east side of the canyon Eligia. The path from Agios Ioannis takes about 1.5 hour. It starts as a beautiful walk through the forest Kormokopos with centuries-old pines and cypresses, ending, almost suddenly in a wild and imposing landscape.

Although it has no stalagmite decoration, the cave is very beautiful because of its size and its round shape. At the exit of the cave there is a spring with water all year round, used for refreshing hikers, animals and many bees in the area. From the cave of Kormokopos starts an indistinct passage leading to the area of ​​Fliskounia in the riverbed of the gorge of Eligia. The trail to Fliskounia is tough and in some places it is really dangerous and it would be a good idea not to attempt it without long experience in the White Mountains.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture
  • Type: Horizontal Cave
  • Water: Water all year round
  • Accessibility: Walking
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