The waterfalls above Rotasi


Riktra Fall at Rotasi
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To the north side of Asterousia Range, south of Heraklion, on the road heading from Rotasi to Ethia meet waterfall Riktra. Riktra is actually a series of four consecutive waterfalls with very easy access from the road. The falls are visible from the road. During winter a little higher from the point where the waterfalls are created, springs shape a small stream that shortly, after the waterfalls, meets the long river Anapodaris.

Riktra name means waterfall in local dialect as the similar Richtra, Rechtra, Rechtara, Rechtare or Richtis encountered in various places of Crete. Just above the top waterfall there is a very picturesque stone-hut (mitato). Around there we find many ceramic sherds, indicating its use in this place over the centuries.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Water: Water till spring

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