Rock Formations in Crete


The anthropomorphic rocks of Paranymfi
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Crete is a geological paradise for scientists and this is reflected in the impressive geological formations. One of the most interesting areas is the wild mountain range of Asterousia in the south of the prefecture of Heraklion, with countless waterfalls, steep cliffs, and sharp rocks.

A very interesting geological attraction is the rocks that resemble giant anthropomorphic figures. These figures, like marble gods that were worshiped in antiquity, even today dominate a ridge north of the village Paranymfi, while around there are even more interesting stone formations.

The access is extremely easy, as near the point there is a short and passable dirt road that starts from the main road that connects Harakas with Paranimfi. Thus, a visit to the totems can be combined with a walk to Tris Ekklisies beach and the Ambas waterfall.

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