Watermill at Gonies


Paliomylos watermill at Gonies
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Just a few meters out of the village Gonies at province Malevizi, on the road that leads to the beautiful village Kamaraki with the wonderful cave Hainospilios, we meet Paliomylos (Old Mill). The Paliomylos is one of the many mills that once decorated the ravines of the island used for grinding cereals to flour. Fortunately, it has been restored.

The construction of the stone watermill follows the typical construction of all simple Cretan watermills. At its base, there is the main room of the mill and above it the stone pipe leading water to the mill wheel. Because the area has limited water springs, the water was collected in a cistern and was released after it was filled. The door bears an inscription from the year 1902.

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