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Kinigotafkos Pothole
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The cave Kynigotafkos or Tafkos of Sykia (Fig Tree) is located near Gonies, at position Voskero, at an altitude of 1092 meters, about 40 km west of Heraklion. It is classified among the precipices and its explored depth is 70 meters.

It is a 70m deep well with a large opening (7m wide) that allows light to penetrate for several meters, permitting the growth of vegetation on its walls. The first descent is 58m high and at its end we meet a room of 16m x 7m. There is also a pile of stones, 7m high. The recesses of the walls hosts a large number of pigeons and owls. The name means Hunter’s Pothole and come from the fact that hunters used to come here to hunt the pigeons.

Around the cave, archaeologists identified important Minoan findings (probably of the late Minoan period), which lead to the assumption of the existence of a peak sanctuary, nearby. The cave is associated with many stories and myths of the Ottoman Era and the German Occupation. Here were forced to come many traitors and collaborators of the Germans and were forced to fall themselves into the abyss. Another legend tells that the 12 horses that had been stolen by the Christian rebels from the Turks slipped into it due to snow.

This information does not constitute an invitation to visit the cave, but a simple information about the beauties of Crete. If you are not an experienced caver or if you have not taken all security measures required, do not attempt to enter the cave.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Type: Sinkhole


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