Geological Formations


Galia Rock Carvings
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From the village Astiraki, Malevizi province, we can reach the fertile plateau of Vaklia. Before reaching the plateau Strouboulas we meet the position Galia. Galia is a completely barren plateau in contrast to the fertile reddish soils of Vaklia. This area hosts a series of rocks which have some of the most impressive formations in the entire island.

The rock carvings are result of the intense erosion of limestone by nature for millions of years are all these strange and full of beautiful shapes and strange lines rocks. Galia rock formations are some of the many ones that we meet at the surrounding mountains of Talea. Besides them we meet such places at the villages Chonos, Marathos, Damasta, Astiraki and Aidonochori. A large part of the area shown belongs to the Natural Park Psiloritis.

Each rock forms a unique figure resembling various objects, while among them we often meet caves and sinkholes. The rocks in Galia are extremely sharp and pointy like nails, therefore, walking on them should be done with great care because the slightest touch can cause injuries.

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