Sambathiani Kamara

St. Mamas

Sambathiani Kamara Bridge
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Sambathiani Kamara arch is located in the region of the village Sambas in the province Pediada. It is a small stone bridge at the point where the two streams from the villages Thrapsano and Apostoli merge. At the same point there are the springs of Agios Mamas that supply water to the fertile plane of ​​Sambas. From the bridge, the water passes through the beautiful gorge that the locals call Sambathiano Havgoudaki (that is, the small gorge of Sambas). This small gorge ends at the area of ​​the church of Saint Paraskevi, east of the monastery of Agarathos, and then reaches the river of Astrakiano Gorge.

On the bridge there is still a built-in plaque with an inscription that mentions the construction of the bridge by the monks of the monastery of Agarathos and is dated back from 1887. Right next to the arch there is the church of Saint Mamas, protector of the shepherds, which belongs to the type of single vaulted church with two transverse small chapels. The temple dates back to the Venetian Period, as evidenced by parts of frescoes on its walls. It has undergone cement restoration work, which has altered its original appearance.

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