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Gavdos island

Calypso's Paradise

With emerald sandy beaches, dense piney and juniper woods and rugged seascapes
the southernmost point of Europe is where memories are recorded forever.

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The Southernmost Ground of Europe






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Gavdos is a unique gem of Southern Europe, away from the bustling "civilized" world, with wild beauty, with crystal blue waters, with dreamy sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, with amazing coastline and beaches, where junipers reach the sea; an island of great beauty that deserves to be discovered. The only thing that you have to do, is leave the easy resting on the extensive sand of Sarakiniko and Agiannis beaches and walk to discover the island, its inaccessible places and virgin beaches.

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Lakoudi beach in Gavdos

1km south of Korfos settlement, at Gavdos island, there is a very quiet beach with amazing bottom, Lakoudi, accessed only by walking from Korfos or by boat. Lakoudi is one of the nicest beaches on the island and surely deserves a visit.


Korfos beach in Gavdos

Korfos (i.e. Bosom) is located approximately 2km south of Karave, the only port in Gavdos. There is a footpath along the coast from Karave that leads to the dorp of Korfos (60'). Moreover, there is a bus running to Korfos from Karave.


Beach Diana in Gavdos

The beach that stands out from all of the west side of Gavdos is Diana. Diana is actually the second southernmost beach in Europe, after Tripiti which is located a few meters to the southeast. The beach stands out from the rest as it is less rocky, has small pebbles and has a massive rock below which you can find shade all day.


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