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The beach of Agiannis or Agios Ioannis (i.e. Saint John) in Gavdos island is located 4km west of Sarakiniko beach. You can reach it either by bus starting from Karave (the harbor of Gavdos), or by walking about one hour from Sarakiniko. The beauty of the beach and the surrounding region cannot be reflected within the lines of this text. It is not surprising that the Discovery Channel has ranked Agiannis as the second best beach in the world after one beach in Hawaii. Indeed, Agiannis is a stunning secluded sandy beach, in a wild African-looking landscape.

There are only sand dunes, beautiful rocks, pines and junipers around. The beach is not organized, but there is a small tavern - mini market nearby. The sea is shallow and the water is incredibly clear. Certainly, a visit will convince you that this wonderful place is one of the most beautiful in the globe. Of course, naturism in such a peaceful place is allowed but you will be less exposed in the neighboring beach of Lavrakas. You can also camp here, provided that you respect the fragile environment and the protected junipers.

The beach of Agios Ioannis is named after the chapel of St. John. Around the church and the hill of the area, ruins of ancient buildings and carved tanks have been extracted. On the beach, there are remains of a Roman building. North and west of the beach there is the beautiful juniper-wood, called Kedrodasos, which is of great ecological significance. North of the cedarwood, as locals mistakenly call, there is a Hellenistic cemetery, which has been designated as an archaeological site. There are have been found 20 carved graves, unfortunately all plundered and looted.

The beach of Fetife

While hiking from Sarakiniko to Agiannis through the trail, you will meet the small and serene beach of Fetife(s). Next to it there is a small tavern and the last point where you can reach by car. The beach is formed at the exit of a small gorge, in which small ponds are formed in winter. Moreover, you will get impressed by the eroded rocks on the beach, which will surely become a favorite subject for your camera.

According to the local legends, Fetifes was a Saracen (or a Communist) who once fell in love with a married Gavdian woman and they used to mate at that place, till her husband killed him.

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Additional Info

  • Prefecture: Chania
  • Sea water color: Blue
  • Sand type: Sand
  • Depth: Shallow
  • Sea surface: Usually wavy
  • Crowds: Quiet
  • Facilities: Food / water nearby
  • Other Information: Nudism friendly, Tree Shade, Seaturtle nesting point
  • Accessibility: Walking
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