Religious monuments of Crete


The religious tradition at the province of Kissamos, at the westermost part of Crete, is still deeply ingrained in the daily habits of its inhabitants. Dozens of countryside monasteries and isolated hermitages, deserted today, recount the distant past. The wild and remote peninsulas of Rodopou and Gramvousa hosted many such relegious centers.

Church of Saint Constantine at Voukolies

At position Nembros located between fields of olive and orange trees and very close to village Voukolies, we meet the chapel of Saints Constantine and Helen. The temple dates back to 1452 and bears frescoes in fairly good condition.


Saints Polikarpos, Charalambos and Nikolaos Church at Lousakies

At the cemetery of Lousakies we meet the Byzantine temple dedicated to Saints Polikarpos, Charalambos and Nicholas. The temple is of the type cruciform with a narthex in front. Its interior bears frescoes from the Venetian era.


Church of Saint John the Hermit in Falassarna

The cavernous church of Saint John Xenos or Hermit is located in position Kavousi, in the region of Platanos village and has amazing view of the fertile valley of Falassarna. The chapel hosts a tomb where, according to the local tradition, was buried Saint John the Hermit, but his bones were later moved to Corfu and the church of Ai-Kyr Yannis in Tsourouniana.


Church of Saint Nicholas at Rodopos

At Rodopou Peninsula and not too far from the village Rodopos, we meet the plateau of Agios Nikolaos. Agios Nikolaos is one of the largest plateaus of the peninsula, smaller than that of Gionas, which in the past was cultivated. In the middle of the plateau, we meet the modern temple of Saints Constantine and Helen.


Church of Saint Anthony at Rodopos

The temple of Saint Anthony (Agios Antonios) is located on the eastern side of the peninsula Rodopou. Here leads a bad dirt road that runs through the plateau of Agios Nikolaos. Around the temple there are ruins of monk cells, apparently belonging to a monastery that operated here with the church of Saint Anthony.


Church of Saint Basil in Vavouledo

The church of Saint Basil is located to the north of the village of Vavouledo, province Kissamos, which is one of the many neighborhoods of Palea Roumata. The current church is the extension in the 19th century of the initial smaller single-nave arched church of the Savior Christ, dating back to the 15th century.


Church of Saint Nicholas in Mouri

The church of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) is located in a rural location north of the village Mouri in Kissamos province. It belongs to the architectural type of the simple transverse-vaulted and dates back to the 13th century.


Church of Saint Barbara in Latziana

The small neighborhood Latziana in the village Voulgaro, province Kissamos, was the seat of a patriarchal monastery dedicated to Saint Barbara (Agia Varvara). The temple of the monastery is preserved in ruins near the newer church of Saint Barbara.


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