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Siderotas Mount
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The mountain of Asiderotas or Siderotas is located in the south part of Rethymnon prefecture and is essentially a branch of Kedros mount and continuation of Xiro Oros mountain. It is separated from Kedros through the river Akoumianos, while its most important settlements are Akoumia and Ardaktos. Siderotas has its highest peak, Analipsis, at 1177m, where there is a temple dedicated to the Ascension of Christ. Near the top, where there is a wind park, leads a dirt road.

Despite the relatively low altitude, the mountain is quite rocky, while the vegetation is low and consists mainly of phrygana. Like Kedros, it has several springs of water (at low altitudes) and its streams often form waterfalls in winter. Its southern slopes descend with fertile olive groves till the sea, where the beaches of Triopetra and Keramiani Gialia are formed.

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