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Mount Kedros is located southwest of Psiloritis Range, with the valley of Amari shaped between them. The highest peak reaches 1777m. From afar it seems to have a conical shape (kentri), after which it takes its name.

The mountain is mostly rocky, with bare rocks and wild gorges. At first glance one might say that the vegetation is very poor. However, Kedros has been included in the Natura 2000 network because of its exceptional biodiversity. Vegetation although limited in bushes and brushwood, consists of endemic and rare varieties of plants such as tulips, anemones, orchids, hyacinths, etc. Also, the steep and inaccessible slopes are perfect shelters for rare birds of prey such as hawks, vultures and golden eagles.

Around Kedros there are several picturesque villages. In the North, the beautiful plateau of Gious Kambos and the Kissos Gorge are formed. Kedros is one of the favorite places for excursions for all hiking clubs of Crete.


What to see at Kedros area:

Smiliano Gorge (Kalamafka)

Gorge Smiliano or Kalamafka is located north of the village Ano Meros, about 100km southwest of Heraklion city. Through the gorge runs the Lygiotis river which is supplied by the valleys of Gerakari and the slopes of Samitos Mount. The canyon has a lot of water in winter and crossing it, by any means, is very tough.


Gious Kambos Plateau

Amari valley is formed between the Mountains Kedros and Psiloritis, at an altitude of 400-500m and is 25km long. It is the natural passage from the north to south Rethymno and Messara Plain. For its central location, it was the theater of several historical events, especially during the Ottoman rule.


Trail Spili - Kedros- Gerakari

The route starts from Spili, reaches the spring of Agia Fotia and then ascends to Kissos. It comes above the Monastery of the Holy Spirit and climbs to the summit of Mount Kedros (1776 m.). From there we go back and meet the trail that leads to the Church of the Prophet Elijah and descends to Gerakari. This route is a part of the European E4 trail.


Orne Pond

The pond of Orne village is located at an altitude of 300m at the southeastern slopes of Mount Kedros, only 500m northeast of the village Orne. The distance from Rethymnon is about 50km.


Kissos Gorge

Kissano Gorge is located 1km north of Kissos village, in Amari valley, and 34km southeast of Rethymnon, connecting the village το the small plateau of Gious Kambos. It is a short, but beautiful gorge, crossed by the rural road of the area.


Red Cretan Tulip

The red tulip of Crete (Tulipa doerfleri) is one of the 5 endemic tulip species of Crete. It grows exclusively at the small plateau of Gious Cambos, by Amari valley, at an altitude ranging from 700-800m. On spring (April) this small plateau is covered by a red carpet made of tulips.


Mount Samitos

The mountain of Samitos is the extension of Mount Kedros to the northeast and is separated from the main volume of Kedros by the river Smilianos. At the top of it is built the chapel of Ascension (altitude 1013 meters), from where the view around the Amari valley is amazing.


Siderotas Mount

The mountain of Asiderotas or Siderotas is located in the south part of Rethymnon prefecture and is essentially a branch of Kedros mount and continuation of Xiro Oros Mountain. It is separated from Kedros through the river Akoumianos, while its most important settlements are Akoumia and Ardaktos.


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