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Shelter Strovili (Limnakaro)
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The mountain shelter of the Mountaineering Club of Lassithi is located at position Strovili at an altitude of 1533m over Limnakaro Plateau at Dikti Range. It can be accessed either by walking 2:00 hours in the European E4 hiking path from Agios Georgios village or by driving the 8km long road from Avrakondes.

From here one can hike to the peaks Spathi (2148m), Psari Madara (2094m) and Afendis Christos (2141m), or even hike to Selakano wood through the E4  European trail.

The shelter can accommodate 12 people, staying in rooms with bunk beds. There are pillows and blankets, but visitors should have their own bed linen or sleeping bag. The shelter is available upon request to its operator, i.e. the Mountaineering Club of Lasithi (

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Accessibility: Dirt track
  • Altitude (m): 1530
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