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Bobias Range
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At the north coast of Heraklion, between the beaches of Agia Pelagia and Fodele rises the steep low range of Bobias (max altitude is 423 meters). This area actually belongs to the small range of Kouloukonas. Despite its low altitude, it is a really wild place with slopes in the west and north side that raises sharply above the sea. The grounds are characterized by sharp eroded rocks. On the north side, we meet one of the steepest cliffs in Crete with a very weird cave. Bobias finishes in the sea, creating at its northern tip the Cape of Stavros that hosts the whitewashed chapel of St. Sozon and a small lighthouse. The chapel is accessed through the snaky trail running on the edge of the steep cliff.

Along the ridge, we meet five fortresses, built by the Turks to monitor the wider area of the very significant Fodele gulf. The four towers are located high along the ridge while the fifth is a bit lower, on the west slope. These five towers, if added to the other three that are on the opposite hills of Fodele sum up to eight; that is very important there is no such a place in Greece with so many forts concentrated in such a small area. The way towers of Bobias were built does not differ from that of other regions of Crete. All of them are relatively small or medium in size and are built in such a position so that there is direct visual contact between them. Bobias, is located at a key point between west Crete and Heraklion area. Ascent to Bobias is possible only with strenuous hiking.

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