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Attention! The heavy rains of the last years have damaged many gorges and many paths have been destroyed so they are no longer accessible. You could inform us for such cases, so we update the listings in our website.
Eligia gorge (Valahas)
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The gorge of Eligia or Valahas is formed in the area of Kapetaniana at the wild Asterousia Range, south of Heraklion. The gorge collects water from the north and west sides of Kofinas peak and empties on the beach Elygia at Agios Ioannis. It is a technical gorge, meaning that there are steep descents (waterfalls) and in order to cross it, canyoning equipment is needed. The highest rapel is about 60m high and 4 hours are required for its crossing. The lower part of the gorge is covered by pine trees.

The first 4 small rappels can be avoided through Via Ferata (they are bolted with special wires and steps to overcome the place without rope and return back - canyoning equipment is still required). East of the 60m fall, there is another Via Ferata that goes along a very steep cliff with amazing views and from there you can return at the starting point of the gorge by circling the mountain.

The highest rapel (5th in the row) is named Girl's Jump (Kopelias Pidos), because, according to tradition once a girl was forced to marry an old man. She escaped her house and her relatives chased her. She arrived at the fall and in order not to marry the old man, she jumped and killed herself.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Type: Canyoneering equipment needed
  • Water: Generally dry
  • Difficulty (0-10): 5
  • Hiking Hours: 4:00
  • Maximum Rapel Height (m): 60
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